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“A problem cannot be solved from the level of consciousness

where it was created.” ~Albert Einstein

MetamorphosisNOW is here to assist you in attaining that

higher level of consciousness you need to break free

and live the life you desire.

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How does one become a butterfly? You  have to want to learn to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”  ~ Trina Paulus

Is this Your Current Reality?

  • Growing uncertainty?

  • Major life changing experiences, adversity, setbacks?

  • Repeating self-sabotaging behaviors?

  • World changing almost beyond recognition?


Would you love to:

  • Thrive regardless of the circumstances life throws at you?

  • Make peace with your past and move on to a more fulfilling, self- empowered, life?

  • Clear the effects of old traumas?

  • Go beyond bouncing back and learn to bounce forward to a better life?


Welcome to Resilience Rising

your Key to Inner Resilience

Don’t let adversity, life changes or uncertainty throw you off balance. Resilience Rising can help you access your Inner Resilience and break free to a happier, more empowered and authentic life.

  • Inner Resilience means you have the ability to live free from the burden of the past as well as current confusion.

  • It means that adversity and unexpected life changes no longer throw you off balance.

  • It means that you not only bounce back from setbacks, but you have the strength and confidence to bounce forward into a better life. 


  •  Classes & Workshops

  •  Personal & Group Coaching


"The Future of Medicine is Frequency Medicine." 

    ~ Albert Einstein

Frequency healing has been around since the time of Pythagoras, and has evolved over the centuries as technology has advanced. 


Frequencies are the language of the cells, and can harmonize imbalances in our bodies, our thoughts, even our emotions.


The Healy frequency wellness device detects and provides the exact frequencies needed for your healing. Clients have been able to recover from long-standing health issues, chronic pain, allergies, sleep problems, cravings, anxiety and more. Explore this Iconic Device & the Power of the Frequencies

Here are some firsthand accounts that illustrate the transformative potential of frequency healing that you too can achieve.

K.M.: "I love the pain programs as they have eliminated knee pain, joint discomfort, and earaches. All of these have kept me home, but no more. I love my Healy."

S.C.: "The first program I ran on the Healy was the sciatica program. I was pain-free with only one session! Truly amazed!"

L.J.: "I had hand issues, and the doctor recommended surgery. Two days with the Healy healed my hand, and I've had no problems since."

If you're ready to take the next step toward a healthier and more vibrant you, contact me for a complimentary discovery call to learn how frequency wellness can help you.
Visit my official Healy site here:

May Special

Mental Fitness Tune-up

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Time for your Mental Fitness Tune-Up

Here's what you'll experience:

  • Restore your emotional harmony and foster a positive mindset.

  • Release accumulated stress and negativity.

  • Transform feelings of pessimism, depression and anxiety into a more optimistic outlook.

  • Balance and harmony in all areas of your life.

90 minute session

for the price of a 60-minutes session $80 now through May 31

I'm committed to helping you maintain your equilibrium and peace of mind, ready to assist whenever you need support on your path to greater well-being.

This powerful unique program combines Frequency Wellness with Resilience Coaching. You'll receive the exact balancing frequencies you need, customized to you, based on resonance with your personal vibration.

Contact me to schedule your appointment.

2 Locations to Choose from:

     Central Tucson or Marana
Central Tucson: Professional meeting space near Campbell & Prince
Marana: L-Spa, 7620 N. Hartman Lane, near I-10 and Cortaro


Explore how you can embark on your own Metamorphosis.

Request a complimentary Discovery Call.

Learn about upcoming workshops & coaching programs.

Trish Devitt
Tucson and Marana, Arizona
Worldwide via Zoom


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