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To help you get an idea of what sort of results you can expect, here are a few comments and results from clients.

***  Each and every time we had the session, I felt those releases, I was feeling better and lighter. I felt the results absolutely.  Those things we released, they are all gone permanently. And, working with you, you make it so nice and comfy, like at home, I felt protected. And in those experiences, you can get emotional, but you make it feel like it's a nice safe place. That voice you have, it’s so nice, you're like a fairy, like the good fairy.

I can feel the power of the mastermind every call. It allows me to recharge my battery every time I am on the call.

***  ... transformed me and my life for this year and beyond!!!!  It is fun moving with grace and ease towards my Dreams.  Simple steps eliminating fear and stand in our confidence, our power and the knowledge of right action. 

***  ... helped me to quiet my mind and allow me to better focus on the things in my life I am most talented in and passionate about ...

***  Just wanted to drop you a note and Thank You for your assistance over the years.  You have helped me thru surgeries, and other times I needed a boost for my health.  Thanks for assisting my husband with his PTSD.  THANKS for assisting with the STEP CHILDREN, mine and his, and making our family more HARMONIOUS!!!!

***  I gained so much more from you in this conversation than I have from years of therapy.

***  I had blocks and stoppages that I was unaware of that was holding me back  ...  my life is taking off. I find myself doing the things I need to get done.  I am becoming more aware of myself. I feel more confident about myself as well as having more self esteem.  I am beyond grateful and honored by the experience. Thanks!

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